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AA Intensive Driving Course offers intensive lessons and Intensive driving courses to help you get your driver’s licence in record time. Our instructors are highly trained professionals with years of experience and know-how to quickly assess your level of skill and identify areas that need improvement. Not only do they provide expert instruction, but they also make sure you are getting the best possible learning experience. We offer a variety of courses to accommodate different skill levels, and we guarantee that our classes will help you get your licence quickly and safely. So if you want to obtain your driver’s licence in the shortest amount of time

We strive to provide the best customer service and help you get your driver’s licence in a timely manner. Come see why our students have chosen AA Intensive Driving Course for their driver’s education needs. We look forward to helping you learn to drive in the most efficient and safe way possible. Thank you for considering AA Intensive Driving School!

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About intensive driving



Advanced Intensive driving courses specially designed for beginner drivers, across London. These courses follow the same format as our advanced driving courses but have a specific focus on helping drivers that have been driving for less than 12 months or have never driven before Our instructors meet with you for the training, which takes place in the Instructor’s car. We offer Manual and Automatic lessons 


With an AA Intensive Driving Course, you will receive professional tuition from qualified driving instructors. This will enable you to learn all the necessary skills to pass your driving test, as well as develop the confidence and independence needed for responsible driving. Our intensive driving courses are incredibly flexible and designed around an individual’s needs and schedule. Intensive Driving Courses are available in a range of lengths – from  one week to 4 weeks courses available


BE THE FIRST TO KNOW WHEN A TEST BECOMES AVAILABLE If you’re not looking for an intensive driving course, why not book an individual fast-track driving test? We can find you a test as early as a day from the booking date.Fast-track practical tests are rare in most test locations these days. Most of the UK’s test centers have too few examiners. Finding a test date soon is near impossible as everyone fights to get an early test date. Due to this the average waiting time for a test is now on average two to four months We assist with finding you a fast-track driving test on our cancellation system

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